Monday, January 17, 2022

Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Four)

 I noticed cracks in the structure, damn! did I need to pull out the duct tape?

Similar jack moves made by corrupt ones down here in Georgia concerning voter suppression, a corrupt state?

Shenanigans by Ron DeSantis in Florida, Greg Abbott over in Texas and even up in Virginia per Glenn Youngkin are also exposed, we see how they play!

We have a long way to go, emphasized on this MLK Day! but Rest In Peace to "The Happy Preacher"  Elder Cal Murrell by the way!

He’ll be missed / won’t be seen at this year’s MLK Day celebration over at Ebenezer Baptist Church!

Cracks in the foundation? check the situation / check the perspective, life is hectic but we continue to put in work!

Visualizing the sequence, the game is respected but vibe exhibited? it’s heavy, it's even felt in the ether.

In need of duct tape and insulation? jokers kept playing, out here risking it all like they're out for a fast buck!! a riverboat / steamboat gambler. But losses are perpetual, the structure is falling apart breaking a heart or two so what it do? some self medicate: smoke, drinks and pills? supposedly restorative. They’re back! they can’t let go! situations are ragged in more ways than one but to some addictive and they’re wanting more of it!

Industrial strength duct duct tape will be needed to patch the structure up!

Supreme courage and maximum strength exhibited by the Brotha O? oh yeah, coming out fresh with a brand new batch is what’s up!

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