Monday, January 10, 2022

On To The Next: But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Ten)

 Another Monday morning has rolled around on us as we proceed and continue on to the next!

Probably heard me say we’re dealing with the aftermath of previous episodes as 2021 modes rolled over into 2022, the sport is complex!

Players are in health and safety protocols like the NBA due to the coronavirus!

Prayers are sent up relating to health and well-being; souls on ice per Eldridge Cleaver? it doesn’t surprise us!

Plots and schemes are devised to take us under!  check out life; some lived it like a mummy tumbling through stitches.

Walking dead? meanwhile others are out here seeking solace in the silence but the arch nemesis was soon on the premises exposing the safe haven / safe harbor now we’re rumbling with snitches.. ..who were brainwashed while caught up in the system / matrix but the hypnosis is interrupted, l hacked the mainframe. Now we moved on to the next, the view? now picturesque, I’m just trying to maintain!

But due to the aftermath of this and that my people are still in pain!

They did the math, first we had the drizzle but now we have the rain / reign.

We did the math, now we’ll keep on playing as we move on to the next!

The aftermath? we’re dealing with it picking up the pieces like AWB as we move on to the next!

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