Friday, January 14, 2022

Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Three)

 Shade tree and bootleg mechanics are frantic on this Fabulous Friday! due to history / the past / Flashback Friday episodes their endeavors are falling apart!

Code enforcement officers said the structure is not safe plus per voter suppression some considered Georgia a corrupt state; Brian Kemp quoted typical GOP talking points like CRT in his “state of the state” address, said he’s playing his part.. the ongoing madness, the foundation has cracks in it!  the carpenter said caulking was the remedy, maybe even super glue. 

The plumber mentioned duct tape per the leaking pipes, appropriate! used by crooks per the raid of the drug stash house for the cash and the product; after they kicked the door in with long guns, swinging pipes asking the inhabitants what it do? 

In the meantime and between time what were we going through? apparently they heard us! oh yes, the wind is listening!

We’re acting like we knew, apparently these chaos agents are in a cloak of invisibility. Questioned our ability; they said the structure is falling apart, lights were blinking on the instrument panel on the mothership per being intergalactic with it! they said we’ll be abandoned in paralyzed skies. Is it our nadir? no sir! per supreme courage and maximum strength we’ll proceed and continue like the Phoenix we’ll rise!

Left to our own devices? due to the arch nemesis being on the premises we even had to pull out the duct tape to keep our structure secure so nothing else would creep up on us!

Left to their own devices? a corrupt state of mind led some to rush the Capitol per the Trump insurrection like Oath Keepers..

…encouraged by Roger Stone? once again it’s on! duct tape even kept the Dollar Tree style uniforms worn by the Patriot Front together.

Some are discouraged by the ongoing proceedings as the structure falls apart; it’ll take more than duct tape to keep it together!

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