Friday, January 21, 2022

Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Six)

 Master mechanics? oh!! they  didn’t mention the secret weapon carried in their toolbox!

Super glue or duct tape for the spot that’s in bad shape threatening the integrity of the structure? oh yes!! they think that’ll rock!

What it do? like Ron DeSantos and Greg Abbott do these corrupt state administrators hustle knocks sound similar? selling out Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema?

What it do? on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here I noticed that the structure is falling apart, as spectators spectate like they’re chilling at the town or mall cinema! 

Speculators speculate then prices inflate so they’ll forget about the pandemic and blame it on the supply chain or Joe Biden. 

Haters duct tape front / flex fakers flashing cash on social media; like the Dells track I featured yesterday It’s All About The Paper, for the cash crooks keep riding!

The Iceman? he was cool! but the polar vortex vs global warming conflict continues! he’s soon melting in the frosty haze. At the Bone Thugs and Harmony Crossroads / checkpoint in a wide brimmed hat and a cashmere coat; draped fragility in a maze. O-Zone with the Flashback Friday references! your dude is breakbeat scientific, not like that homie who's a participant in the chaos and mayhem. From one realm to the next escaping echoes heard; the Sade Smooth Operator? poise is gone, now praying.

I see how others are operating / playing; they talk too much like Mitch McConnell we need to duct tape their mouths shut.

They contribute to the confusion in the world, threatening the structure; that’s why everything is corrupt!

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