Monday, January 31, 2022

Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Nine)

 I spotted a hole in the structure on this Monday morning;  did I need to pull out the duct tape?

I spotted a soul, corrupted due to "buking / scorning",  indeed! plenty of them will pull up in this corrupt state…

…of affairs that we’re in, O-Zone already mentioned that it’s all falling apart in previous episodes!

Danger zone business is being handled by these nefarious ones pulling up in devious modes!

Life? once again it’s on as proceed and continue per Aquarius Season even though January is coming to a close but it all seems like ricochets of borrowed time. Life? once again it’s on but like the Northeast Bomb Cyclone? a storm / blizzard of dreams also related to time. Caught in a moment of time, a wild ride like we’re in the park on a duct taped cardboard box aka a makeshift snowmobile . Caught in a moment of time, a wild ride as we slide like it's into the abyss, the darkest echoes are heard! screaming as we all go downhill.

Some will say going downhill like democracy as we bear witness to hypocrisy, it’ll take more than duct tape to fix it!

Feeling down? we’ll chill, rocking the spot per Music Monday will be the deal as we hook up a phat tape! the brand new funk? we’ll kick it!

It’s going down as we set the O-Dog Day Party off! our way to deal with the structure as it all falls apart!

It’s a metaphorical duct tape over the fracture, breakbeat scientific methods used to capture peace that’s trying to escape! easing our minds / spirits / hearts.

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