Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Brecker Brothers - Slang

Sunday Jazz Continues as we serve this Sunday meal metaphorically; from a distance!! due to the coronavirus? this is how the sport will be..

Rocking these venues, O-Dog Day Partying from a jazz perspective while social distancing / quarantining but on the scene again; complex is how the sport will be...

Knocking hustles in these venues? aborting missions is how the system wants us to play it; like Trump vs the USPS,  so people can't vote by mail?

Rocking!! hustling hard from a spiritual perspective on this Resurrection Sunday so the devil won't catch up with it? what? our soul, oh yes!! this is how we roll!!  beats will bump and this good word is dropped, we refuse to fail...

Rocking!! hustling hard as we shelter in place,  we won't fail to drop this funk in your face!! listening to the The Brecker Brothers with a track called Slang

Rocking!! hustling hard as we shelter in place!! check the players and the track as these brothas continue to run this race as we drop this funk and this good word / slang!!

Arranged By – George WhittyMichael Brecker
Bass – James Genus
Guitar – Dean Brown
Keyboards, Pedalboard [Hammond Bass] – George Whitty
Percussion – Steve Thornton
Producer – George Whitty
Tenor Saxophone – Michael Brecker
Trumpet – Randy Brecker
Written-By – Michael Brecker

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