Thursday, April 23, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Nine)

I Heard What Was Said!! jokers were making bold moves like Brian Kemp down here in Georgia, trying to re-open the state during this coronavirus pandemic..

They were Cavalier like Cleveland with Lebron, once again it's on, but it's not a simple thing!! even Kemp was thrown under the bus by Trump after being "geeked up" / encouraged by that fanatic!!

Taking it there after doing the mathematics, once again it's on!! this good word is dropped by O-Zone while beats will bump, some freaked by O-Dizzle!! he's a curator of the musical art form..

Taking it there, breakbeat scientific going on with our business in the midst of all this; on the other side? a new norm..

I Heard What Was Said!! borderline pessimistic / realistic by mentioning a new storm? as long as we're on terra firma there'll always be something!!

I Heard What Was Said!! out of order with mine for going ballistic / spazzing due to there always being something?

I Heard What Was Said! I cut the corner, left for a minute per a brief hiatus but I came right back!! oh, digital crate digging continued, now on a Throwback Thursday?  the brotha O-Dog is jamming! 

I Heard What Was Said! out of order because O-Zone is dropping this good word?  the thought and fashion police were trying to front, they said I was spamming!

...haters are damning us if we did or didn't!! they want to worry us and see our hair turn gray like Obama's.

O-Zone rocks the baldy, not trying to dye it like Walt Frazier and Emmitt Smith due to the drama.

It's on!! I Heard What Was Said!! wanted to say "Tell It To Yo Mama Squidward" per SpongeBob but I'm not coming that hard!!

It's on!! I Heard What Was Said!! let the healing process began!! it's rough out here, my people are mentally and physically scarred!! 

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