Sunday, April 19, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Eight)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! but at the moment we'll drop this good word, especially after I heard what was said...

Sunday jazz actually started earlier when I was Saturday Night Fevering, listening to some Latin Jazz / Jazz Rock from Ray Baretto with a track called Confrontation; occurring in this nation after others heard what was said?

Some will razz you like a comedian just because your social distancing / sheltering in place; check the protests against coronavirus lockdowns!

Some will spaz against all that foolishness, O-Zone? showing love from a distance schooling some with this while O-Dizzle will surprise these and those by rocking these sounds..

WTF / What's that foolishness? O-Zone asked that question earlier now he's  got other work to do, still dropping this breakbeat science..

Breaking the rules with this?  Breaking Bad like Walter White when dropping this insight? naysayers claim they see the signs!!

Breaking the rules with this? sho you right like Barry White was the negative endorsement!! I heard what was said!! laying low / laying in the cut, a brotha fled blending into the woodwork  like green camouflage worn by hunters in the forest!

Breaking fools by shining the light per this return engagement, after we heard what was said? check out  the beats blended by O-Dizzle while O-Zone was able to solve the riddle; still a hunter and gatherer? he had the good word!! a map out of the Babylon Wilderness /  Forest?

After we heard what was said?  good work is put in,  blue collar style!!! who's for or against us? thought and fashion police set up roadblocks like authorities in Dekalb County Georgia.

Even Facebook and Blogster tried to front on a brotha!!  it blocked entries; but we launch Sonic Assaults on entities!!dropping this funk for ya! 

Face to face with a crook / mobster? I heard what was said!! like Trump talking about liberating states enemies might have told you its like this and like that!

I heard what was said!! some will believe it while some ignore the negative doctrine and try to achieve that!! spiritual warfare? we continue to fight that!

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