Sunday, April 26, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Ten)

I Heard What Was Said!! UV light and disinfectant won't get it!! Lysol said keep their name out of your mouth!!

I heard some were misled / waiting in the dark!! a thrown under the bus Brian Kemp was rolling foul along with these other governors down south...

I Heard What Was Said!! watch your mouth and your tone was the order from Pops back in the day!! adjusting the bass, treble and tone on old Roland mixers and Yamaha keyboards to let the music play is how we do things these days..

Watch out now was the request from the Beatnuts back in the day but this is Sunday not Throwback Thursday!! watch O-Dizzle!!  later on smooth jazz plays..

It' rough out here but it wouldn't faze some!! nuts conduct Tuskegee Experiments, next up they'll produce Iran Contra Crack Cocaine and even the Emmett Till type drama went down.

It' rough out here but it wouldn't faze some!! by any means necessary? they're  in it to win it!! check it,  they are where the drama is found!

I Heard What Was Said!! some said that's where you momma is found!! you were supposed to save that drama for her!

I Heard What Was Said!! jokers will throw momma from the train like Dan Patrick in Texas concerning this coronavirus!! meanwhile The Brotha O-Dizzle surprises some when he drops the funky sound; meanwhile O-Zone will rebuke the thought and fashion  police behavior!

I Heard What Was Said!!  even during this coronavirus jokers are ready to get fouler than the next one!! bringing the onslaught;  who'll dial M for Murder ? now making that "one call that's all"  like Ken Nugent in Atlanta!

I Heard What Was Said!! somebody will get rocked like Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes;  on the wrong side of history like Nugent and Vernon Jones down here in Georgia? somebody might understand a bruh!

Whats up with ya? things can get messy  but the Brotha O-Zone counts his blessings, he jukes rocking the Barry Sanders number 20 jersey, but who'll work with me? karmic repercussions can be something else!

Cashing reality checks in these zones!! you might have caught us stressing but check these discussions,  while O-Dizzle provides the percussions!! these breakbeat scientific principles are something else!!

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