Sunday, April 5, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Six)

It's going down; "I Heard What Was Said"!! using discernment, refusing to be misled / waiting in the dark..

It's going down; "I Heard What Was Said"!! some things ignored, burning them like classified waste after documents were "misfed" into the machine per the information overload?

It's going down; "I Heard What Was Said"!! damn!! even grim warnings were issued by Trump concerning the coronavirus..

It's going down; "I Heard What Was Said"!!  brainstorming!! dropping beats that bump plus this good word! peeping game, the drama didn't surprise..

Plots and schemes are devised by those denying global warming, some were even posted up at the Wuhan Institute of Virology , studying infectious diseases..

We're not on those teams comprised of wannabe nobles "buking and scorning"  the masses! we're  manning the Institute of Breakbeat Scientific studies dropping the sound and  this mini - thesis...

But haters conspired on me; fashion and thought police will have me fired after charges are trumped up!

Like Trump firing  the Inspector General Michael Atkinson who sparked the impeachment inquiry? please!! excuse me but orderly fashions are not followed by me!! check out the new normal, during the ongoing madness my schedule was bumped up!

I heard what was said!! now we're back up in this, O-Zone humped up in this piece like the middle of the week. it was the HumpDay Extravaganza but O-Zone is broadcasting live from Atlanta on this Sunday morning praying / hashing out issues!! the riddle wont be solved by the weak!

I heard what was said!! somebody might understand a brotha's fireman's lingo;  the fire is fully involved!! per this coronavirus pandemic Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the outlook is bleak for the masses!

I heard what was said!! Lord help!! we'll keep praying!! it's rough out here, out in these attack zones somebody will fire on a gringo!!  meanwhile we  blended in, as these brothas conducted funk seminars and classes

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