Friday, January 10, 2020

As We Proceed and Continue!! (Part Seven)

Check us out on this Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday,  as we proceed and continue into this 2020 business. it's a new decade; we've got that Friday Feeling /  we're catching wreck during the ongoing illusion / charade;  knowing what the deal is.

Sounding like a broken record / the skipping vinyl;  still saying that it's rough out here!! noticed the morale is still low like the last decade;  moody because of the Cancer Full Moon?  my constituents still have to deal with this and that.

As we proceed and continue!! O-Dizzle aka O- Deezy kept funky drumming hitting you up with a tune or two, while O-Zone's style is still breakbeat scientific;  "it's like this and like that"

Oh yes!! per Flashback Friday? "It's Like That And That's The Way It Is" per Run DMC!! please O-Zone mentioned  that they've got us coming and going earlier!!

As we proceed and continue!! excuse a dude, but  I was trying to achieve!! but I'm not about that rah!  rah!  rah!  / la!  la! la!  Mamby Pamby Land business per the Geigo Sarge so I  still fly below the radar!

Please!! sometimes  I need to blend in the woodwork; industrial strength blue collar style..putting in this good work! but like the Wisconsin  and Georgia voter suppression you know haters try to raise the bar!

As we proceed and continue? we're using the brand new funk and the good word to erase the scar!!'s like a eraser on the number two pencil when it hits the loose leaf!

Acting brand new? recognize what it do!!  haters / naysayers will try to erase this endeavor,  who's putting out a hit on it? white chalk stencil and yellow crime scene taping it!! and its all based on whose belief?

Based on whose relief?  my people down in Puerto Rico are suffering due to earthquakes after never recovering from hurricanes; I guess some like to see others miserable! seeing what it do with others suffering,  whose relief is enhanced?  its like mixing the Seagram's Gin with something!

Who's the Chief of the Mothership that's flying? that would be O-Zone as  the Dark Mystery of Time and Space was studied!! errors were made,  like maybe Iran shooting down the Ukrainian plane? upsetting the equilibrium, now in need of Seagram's Ginger Ale; seems like they've come down with something!

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