Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Nine)

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can play out either way..

Looked at these drop down menus, the terrific outcome is claimed, doing the damn things!! dropping this good word and of course the good music will play..

Looked at the TelePrompter, once again it's on!!  check out  this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist..

Crooks up in this thing?   prompt with the caper? naw, but we are going off because the drama didn't taper off!!  it's rough out here!!  you didn't know? you better find it!!

Crooks up in this thing? naw, just breakbeat scientists with the breaking news, with peaceful views / peace go with you my brotha!! that's the word, similar to  the offering from Gil Scott Heron!

A dude books up from this thing every now and then; from Atlanta to  Cincinnati  to Louisville to Nashville; from Charlotte to Houston? please!!  you  know it got rough out here for a brotha!! spotted another, some will pick up that meth /  the purple drank /  the coke or heroin!

Especially during this so called holiday season, some deal with depression due to reality's  treason; no justice no peace? plus its a joke trying to wait on a hero or heroine!! Tina Turner said we didn't need one.

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? beats and English that are broken are used to nourish the masses; on this Giving Tuesday? success is claimed if we feed one!

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? out in these streets? some have the story twisted per Trump being the chosen one! please!!  we had to read one their rights!! per being criminal minded like the Trump Crime Syndicate?  that's what they need to hear anyway!

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? out in these streets?  authorities will  turn out the lights; the party's over!! it's serious cousin!! that's why this good word is dropped and beats bump as we get breakbeat scientific!! a new decade is approaching as I write this, there's no more time to play!

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? alt shift deletes from the webmaster or data administrator doing the Matrix Architect's bidding are rebuked...

Breaking fools off with this sonic assault, check the steady bombardment of the enemy position; with the sound? spots will get nuked...

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