Tuesday, December 31, 2019

NY Lounge ' Deep House Mix 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, it's where things can play out either way..

Check the transition, it's New Years Eve on the East Coast of America as I type this, it's already 2020 in parts of the world; my perspective? it's been a terrific day...

Check the transition, achievements on the horizon, no brag or boast situation just stepping into tomorrow claiming the terrific outcome...

Checked the transmission of the old Ford Crown Victoria while in Nashville on the way back to Atlanta from Louisville early in the 2010's; due to losing I couldn't win!! the devil? I had to outrun.. 

Public transportation / transformations with the Lord's blessing led me to today, 2020  where I'm blessed in the city and the field; in Nashville at the Music City Bowl? Louisville Cardinals even did some damage!!

Public transportation / transformations? celebrations are underway like we're in Time Square New York!! listening to NY Lounge ' Deep House Mix 2020!! check the playlist and the mix it's courtesy of Stay See!! they're doing damage!!

1. Andi Vasilos - Love From West (Original Mix)
2. Deepkeen - Look Around You (Original Mix)
3. Andreas Agiannitopoulos - Jazzy Love
4. Jay Vegas - Move That Body (Original Mix)
5. Christos Fourkis - The Night (Extended Mix)
6. DJOKO - Let You Go (Original Mix)
7. Aron Volta - Higher Self 
8. Ini - Jame Vu (Original Mix)
9. Deep Active Sound - Gas (Original Mix)
10. Jazzy Love (Andi Vasilos Mix)

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