Wednesday, December 11, 2019

As We Proceed And Continue..(Part One)

It's going down per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we'll proceed and continue, like that joint by The Roots..

We're still out here trying to get over the hump!! the saga / struggle continues; life goes on!! it's not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but I might have to play it like Richie Havens; Going Back To My Roots...  

We're out here dealing with a joker that loots the treasury, running up deficits!! misbehaving  like the GOP and Mitch McConnell then blaming the poor..

As we proceed and continue, we'll go for broke, still riding for freedom rebuking those that want us to fail; soon we're all up in the game winning, check the score.. Los Angeles Lakers; Showtime 2.0, so whatcha know? in 2020? Lord willing, these brothas will be on the case..

Rebuking fakers, show and proving with mine per the 20 / 20 Hindsight enhanced by the Gemini full moon tonight!! Lord willing?  these brothas will be on the case..

Dark Mystery of Time and Space was studied;  noticed haters tried to get foul with me. the vibe was ugly!! like Trump fighting his impeachment indications were present that this wasn't going to be nice! his partner in crime Bill Barr others style wasn't kosher / wasn't cool!! plus I noticed a fool wasn't trying to pay the price!

What's up partner?  in Jersey City,  New Jersey kosher markets were under attack!! this is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist but a jokers mind will flip;  actually they were too broke to pay attention, distracted by hunger pains!

What's up partner? I mentioned the whole game is shady, plus we'll have to stay on point watching these  stormtroopers or even Peacekeepers from the Hunger Games..

As we proceed and continue, who'll work with me? reality checks were cashed, the universal currency for those going under / going through it; when it pours it rains, or when it rains it pours; I had it backwards, like some people hustle!

As we proceed and continue, who'll work with me? who gains the most out here in the Wild Wild West? the cattle? some will rustle!

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