Wednesday, December 18, 2019

As We Proceed And Continue..(Part Three)

We're moving forward, 2019 is just about over with and so is the 2010 - 2019 decade; 2020 will soon be here..

We're moving forward, seeing how the game is played!! will  the Winter Solstice will be the portal /  gateway; similar to I-20 in Atlanta being my runway / gateway to the universe? oh yes!! taking it there!!

As we proceed and continue, were souls on ice like Eldridge Cleaver?  checked the ongoing charade / folly now using this good word to "run and tell that" to a non- believer..

As we proceed and continue!! doing the knowledge, now dropping knowledge like Holiday Season greetings per "Tis The Season To Be Jolly" ;  we'll  "go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere"; check the Capricorn season approaching, soon climbing that mountain, an over achiever?

As we proceed and continue!! per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we didn't have time to play games with them and those;  your dude is a veteran now coaching!

As we proceed and continue!! jokers like Trump will put up a wall, so we had to put up our own, word from O-Zone!! electronic fences are set up around the property, that's what's up with me!! but we're soon moving forward, unleashing  The Sonic Assault when we're entering attack zones electrocuting intruders that are encroaching!

As we proceed and continue!! history in the making per a Trump Impeachment y'all? some were told to pump brakes I heard tires screeching!!  others  said we' re Approaching Armageddon,  electrocution or lethal injection the corporal punishment? 

 As we proceed and continue I see some had a gasoline suit on and but they got on the wrong bus, were they going to hell?  some already living in it?  ghetto, suburbia, corporate gluttons for punishment!

Drama goes down; some are astonished by it while others did the knowledge, heard saying Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!!!  but others are mad at the world and me also

Riding down Candler Road in Decatur or even on South Blvd up in Charlotte, North Carolina; spotted the convention or reunion of players; flashing gang signs or are they hearing impaired?  blind also?

As we proceed and continue you might also find us rolling down Broadway up in Louisville or Vine Street up in Cincinnati..

As we proceed and continue you might spot me from Pluto to Mars from Louisville / Newburg to London or Johannesburg; "holla at me" 

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