Monday, December 9, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Ten)

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist on this Monday Morning; this is the concept finale but the essence of this discipline will continue..

We'll continue breaking news, signs are shown that reality will keep breaking fools, out here 'buking and scorning!! life goes on, the saga / struggle will continue..

What's really going on? out in the streets alt shift delete is a haters strategy!! trying to throw you under the bus like Trump associates? what's up with it? taking more time to pray is the rebuttal.

What's really going on? priorities shift during the paradigm shift; Democratic issue debaters rolling out  minus people of color will try to "holla at me" trying to play me!! if we don't go along with the program?  sending authorities to the spot, swatting /  sweating what a brotha do!

Breaking news!! actually, it's the usual as another acts like they knew!! fanatics were trying to get over with it!! what? the flawed knowledge!! the mothership gets good mileage so ties are severed;  I'll see them on the flip side! another season or for another reason; will there be another treason? as the Winter solstice approaches, is it making a brotha flip?  breaking news?  now I'm ready to ride!

...for freedom; we see them but wouldn't want to be them!! they're  all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness, as good and evil coincide!

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? when we're all up in the spot energy is created, a transformation from the explosion when good and evil collide? 

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!!  is it similar to the big bang theory studied at the large hadron collider by scientists?

Similar to the big bang theory used by O-Dizzle?  a card carrying member / professor at the Institute For BreakBeat Scientific Studies;  down with other breakbeat scientists!

The Dark Mystery of Time and Space is calculated' used to confront those that hated!!  part of this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!!

A dark history? time corrected it as we race to the future, part of our retro - futuristic fabric; we're now letting you know what the deal is..

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