Saturday, December 28, 2019

As We Proceed And Continue..(Part Four)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon, but you'll have to excuse a dude; at the moment I'm waxing poetic..

The saga / struggle continues, my way of saying life goes on; what's the word from O-Zone? Life Is Hectic..

During the ongoing toil and strife? disrespected by the apparatus, they'll even release economic data showing things are "all good"

Strong job reports and Christmas spending weren't blending with the status of my constituents over here in Decatur; politicians consider them "all hood"

Strong in these sports as we proceed and continue, trending upward per moving forward? it's all good if we aren't..

Strong in these sports as we proceed and continue; 2019 coming to a close along with the 2010's; Lord willing we'll move forward into 2020 with these good words and the funky blends; quiting? we aren't!!

Please!! we locked it down like security, not acting brand new with it as we proceed and continue!! ignored the Trump Impeachment distraction;  we're trying to achieve...

Exercising diplomatic immunity, who's trying to start with me? who's back in the way trying to deceive?

Dipping back to the community, spotted out on I-20 in Atlanta taking it back to the future!! as we proceed and continue?  the mothership aka the train of thought is rolling!! will it roll off the rails?

Those tripping / acting brand new with me? just didn't understand a brotha  but we'll  proceed and continue doing what we do!! we're trying to achieve but society hopes a brotha fails!!

Kangaroo courts set up by Mitch McConnell types due to unconstitutional crime syndicate collusions plus Russian oligarch hypes? 

Your dude aborts operations? naw, not failing my constituents!! we're still breakbeat scientific!! dropping the sound that jams plus it's the good word O-Zone types!!

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