Saturday, January 14, 2023

Incognito - Feel The Pressure (Mark De Clive Lowe Remix)

Sunday Jazz errr wait a minute; Digital Crate Digging Continues on this cool afternoon in Atlanta; oh yes!! we're dealing with this polar vortex already knowing that the sport is complex but we'll proceed and continue; we're still trying to get over!!

Not trying to spaz about the breaking news about classified documents found at Joe Biden's residence after that Trump fiasco they need to let it go! for another the game's not over..

Meanwhile we're breaking north going for it!! whatcha know? we're moving forward showing discernment rolling with this good word and sounds that bump!! O-Dog Day Partying even per this jazz format..

Check the style, letting my people know it; the lesson? they're learning it!! due to the stressing? they're earning it; what?  the blessing, getting double for that!!

Check the style, Incognito mentioned  Feel The Pressure (Mark De Clive Lowe Remix); but overcoming..

Check the steelo; incognegro / incognito? oh yes!!  after I felt the pressure but now alive going for what I know; good word dropping and we've got the funky drummer drumming..

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