Sunday, January 1, 2023

Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Four)


I'm trying to collect scattered thoughts that are all out there! I'm taking them off the top of my head.. the Louisville Cardinals hat after they were blown out by Kentucky but then Kentucky was shut out by Iowa in the Music City Bowl; me? check out how I'm trying to roll, I'm trying to get the train of thought rolling instead!

Retrospective, it the heart of this thing like Ohio State and CJ Stroud but coming up short,  being disrespected? it's expected but knowing I should release the past. 

A new year / a new beginning! in 2023 catch me playing it like Keith Sweat trying to make it last / build something that'll last. 

But stressed, on the edge; first move in 2023? per Mercury being retrograde in Capricorn I was told to wait until February. 

Damn! peeping game / doing the knowledge I could see the devil and his advocates will stay busy!! they're trying to throw shade, I knew they wouldn't be fair with me!

I'll acknowledge that as I take these thoughts off the top of the head as Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon!

The Train Of Thought Is Rolling on this New Year's Day!! how will we play? hopefully we'll reach our destination real soon!

Might even have a celebration like jokers out late last night,  that danced with such abandon at a disco full of stardust and jazz funk, house music and hip hop symphonies... other booming beats,  but it's rough out there in those streets per the matrix architect manipulations / alt shift deletes!  some got over like a "phat rat" they're  still foolishly hoping for 2022's energy!

But O-Zone is not a bearer of doom / bad news, but 2023 may be when wonder dies. 

January will tell a different story in this hostile territory, bear witness, there's more truth than lies. 

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