Thursday, January 5, 2023

Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Six)


Per this Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday combo? I'm taking it off the top of my head like the Atlanta Falcons hat, they'll play Tampa Bay this weekend but what difference does it make, they didn't make the playoffs anyway. 

These scattered thoughts are collected, the train of thought just left the station accompanied by the music I choose to play. 

Digital Crate Digging Continues, some will even ask is there a message in the music, like the O'Jays provided? of course, just ask the song. 

Inspiration or an ominous warning? like my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday concept it can go either way so you can't go wrong!

Recognize the pattern? reality still bruising and battering so  sometimes it can be a fantasy or it can be way too real. 
Recognize the pattern! while reality is still bruising and battering check out the sound!!  that next verse in the song will tell you the way to feel!  

Recognize the pattern as I take these cards off the top if the deck aka thoughts off the top of my head aka the sky dome. 

The Train Of Thought Is Rolling,  even through wear dealing with this  this inclement weather,  from a polar vortex to a bomb cyclone. 

Peeping game; I see what some of these other jokers are on,  even Kevin McCarthy the so called leader aka the ringmaster loved that circus! he's in his element / that's his territory!
Policies implemented by those demented? the thought, fashion and morality police are excited now we're subject to the authority. Freedom? still out here trying to get it that train of thought is rolling but elusive, it's impossible to snatch.. ..or even catch; is freedom out there in quantities? if it is it's limited, no word of any new batch.

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