Thursday, January 5, 2023

Deep House Mix | Winter Chill Deep House Selections Vol. 7

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday but bear witness as we get retro futuristic!

The saga / struggle continues, it's a blessing to be here so Thankful Thursday energy is also exhibited!!

 Rocking these venues! naysayers?  teaching them  and those a lesson they were stressing with their random acts!

Rocking a hardhat with a lantern on top with a lime green safety vest, doing the damn thing? facts!!

The construction site was like Hobby Lobby, it was similar to the New Birth  Dream Merchant selling  a dream finder as an Elaborate Fantasy was built! 

Corruption ongoing at the site? please!! its business as usual all up in the spot!!  rough is how the job will be! dealing with these gamblers out for a fast buck? bad cards are dealt!

What's up son? it's a rough job but somebody has to do it!!  and we Do It Fluid like Blackbyrds! 

Using heart and soul to rise above our circumstances; act like you knew! check these black mans words!

Coming through with disco soul, housemusic, jazzdance courtesy of this  Deep House Mix | Winter Chill Deep House Selections Vol. 7!

It's courtesy of the Rhythm Republic; check out the playlist and the mix to see what's up with it, we're O-Dog Day Partying!!

1. FridayAfterWorkAffair - El Sueño (K.G. Sunset Remix) 

2. Homero Espinosa - It’s A Vibe 

3. Milton Jackson - Closure 

4. Manuel Kane - Let Her Go (Dub Mix) 

5. Babs Presents - Last Words (Original Mix) 

6. Rudi’Kastic - Keep Your Faith 

7. Jo Paciello - L’Essentiel est Invisible 

8. Mathew Ferness - Last Night (St-Peters Lake) 

9. N.W.N. - You Know Something 

10. Discosteps - Brown Sugar 

11. One Six - Frigidity (Original Mix) 

12. Deeleegenz - Nobody


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