Sunday, April 7, 2013

Incognegro / Incognito

Chilling out;  Invisible Man Ralph Ellison style!! like mentioned in these Random Thoughts...I'm laying in the cut...Incognito!

Dealing with it!!  letting you know what it do;  but telling you!!  the style is "Incognegro"

That's the swag / steelo....low key with it...I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

The O'Jay's style backstabber with the dagger is getting busy!! word from the old school baptist preacher?  let us pray! 

Armchair quarterbacks were running plays..meanwhile this Muhammad Ali / Louisville style dude right hooks and left jabs ya!!..keeping it real like a warrior is supposed to do..even though I just left the new school baptist church...home of wannabe macks and divas? 

Spiritual warfare front lines have shifted..whats the deal? check the gray area / smoke and mirrors.. any rehab for victims of horrors and terrors?  a weather forecaster like Al Roker tracks upcoming storms for non believers...
Whose hiding missiles like North Korea?...please!! I'm chilling in the lab; after tires screech in the old hooptie..dealing with a foul joker...I had to pump brakes! 

The healing process for the sores and scabs is it because of the Pluto / Chiron sextile? ..check the style;  dealing with the madness when driving the mothership surrounded by the  geeked / pumped up fakes!

The healing process is ongoing...some depressed..slumped due to the bad breaks...Plan Z? suicide like Rick Warren's son..Lord Help!! Lord Help!!

Chilling out..through with the hot mess!!..check this word from the hot messenger / warrior...the battle cry? Lord Help!! Lord Help!! 

Staying on one accord..the Lord helped...blessing us..even when we didn't deserve it....

Staying in the Honda Accord dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...Incognito / Incognegro...listening to Incognito..other Louisville / Newburg residents in town..that's who I swerve with...

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