Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Told Them; I'll See You When I See You PT.4

                       I wasn't sweating their agenda

Chilling out....I was laying in the cut...your dude was low key...I didn't sweat the agenda!

....through dealing with them...some were flipping out...I was praying for the corrupt;  ATL wannabe macks and divas were just pretenders! 

Others were drilling deep like Keystone XL / re-cycled...but O-Dizzle is one of original beat blenders;  that's why he's known as OMANXL1! 

Thats who your dealing with..thats the dizzle!!  the original man and an extraordinary one! 

But not the one whose vain!! thinking its all about me like that Carly Simon pop song!

Staying humble..not all Rico Omar Borkan Al Gala, but not the one in pain..just trying to maintain;  staying strong! 

Staying humble..not sweating another's agenda..I didn't wear out my welcome..I wasn't staying long! 

Praying...its easy to stumble in Babylon....please!! some of these jokers are ready to "blow up the spot" like the Boston Marathon per Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev...Lord Help!! I'm staying prayed up like old girl said... that way I can't go wrong! 

Danger zone residents can't be strong?  please!! we get scientific like the international nuclear fusion project known as Iter, were showing them were not pretenders! 

Clones show no benevolence....check the local or international chaos and confusion...I had to tell some I'll see you when I see you...that's why I don't sweat their agendas! 

Drones show no Somalia or Pakistan check the collateral damage; packages weren't returned to senders!

 O-Zone has this good word; O-Dizzle drops the funk..we stay busy; we weren't sweating anybody's agenda!

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