Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whose Down For The Cause?

Old slogans and cliches are revisited;  whose down for the cause?
Due to the economy  punishment gluttons press buttons up or down for pause! 

...Or maybe rewind...I see the blind lead the blind right into the abyss!

 ...Misled!!  waiting in the dark!!  meanwhile gang bangers were hating in the park at the 4/20 rally in Denver;  what did I miss? 

..Misled? naw..not me...but some were told ignorance is bliss even though it altered their fate..but that strategy was followed! 

Whats the deal with this?  we didn't gossip or innuendo!! so on Twitter I wasn't followed!

 ....Easy on the cut; no mistakes allowed per Eric B and Rakim! 

Easy to corrupt?  fakes were hoodwinked and bamboozled ...meanwhile hustles?  purposely were knocking! 

O-Dizzle breaks beats up..he's rocking!! some wanted to help!! they tried to work with these..but they actually got in the way! 

....Creating more work for O-Zone but its on!! what more can I say? 

Those hating will say its on!! they'll take what I say and they'll have the story twisted! 

Next thing you know its like the Boston Marathon!! the drama is visited! 

...and revisited!!  drama kings and queens had the gist of it!! like North Korea flexing...they were the loudest in the room! 

Now some are red and black listed!!! whats up with it?  drama royalty were the proudest in the room! 

Plus it seems red, black and green was doomed; the X-Clan was forgotten!

Somebody else picked up the slack when history was forgotten!

His story was full of scheming and plotting!! jokers should be down for the cause! 

But I spotted punishment gluttons hitting buttons!!  up or down for rewind and pause!

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