Tuesday, April 30, 2013

They Lost Control

How were these folks acting? they were like the Tsarnaev Brothers ...it seems they lost control! 

Jokers were flipping out! apparently misled/ waiting in the dark; messing around like that?  they lost their soul! 

Meanwhile were dipping out I-20 in Atlanta; check out how we roll ...we're not messing around..breakbeat scientific business is handled! 

Out here for a while ..soon rolling down Candler Rd in Decatur;  spotting clones...but we know how a vandal will do! 

But the NAACP was rolling up on Piggly Wiggly. ...on Candler Rd....sub-standard stores in the hood? some lost control in this thing!!  but I understand the code..if you don't handle business it'll handle you! 

Some lost control!! victimized by the Deliberate Falsehood..didn't understand the code.. now caught up in the system / matrix;  its like Rose Royce;  did love abandon you? 

...heard saying it didnt live here anymore!! some heard your voice but they didnt understand you! 

....like Chuck Connors;  they Branded you no honors or medals for ya!

Whats up Chuck? whats really going on? the mothership landed in contaminated waters..like in Louisville in the Rubbertown area..

Gamblers out for a fast buck were setting us up; like with high gas prices...price gouging!!...now crooks were somewhere lounging ..how will this brotha get down during the mass hysteria? 

Jokers are flipping out...thats whats up...meanwhile I was already paying prices ..due a rebate..but due to the hate I'm dealing with the Syria type drama... 

But jokers like me were still out here dipping out across the universe...handling business before it handles us...not playing around during the ongoing crisis..ready to shut things down like Gitmo..per Obama

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