Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist PT. 1

Check us out, it's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!! we're still blessed to be here, this is breaking news like your favorite local or national television station...

MSNBC / CNN / Fox News, all rocking different views; misbehaving with it? what's the indication?

What's the occasion? this is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist naysayers say irrational is how the mind gets..

What's the occasion? breakbeat scientific principles are followed by these players dropping this eclectic rhetoric..

No respect? it's like the Trump administration regarding impeachment proceedings but we'll continue with these proceedings; some fell out while running the race, lack of stamina was the reason!

We proeced and continue like California residents dealing with the Getty and Kincaid fires; we got the hell out of Dodge City, that was the answer to the question  for those looking for a reason. 

We proceed and continue per this Scorpio Season!!   making a break for it, but not reckless  like The Dodge Charger that ran off Interstate 20 here in Atlanta!! 

Dude said whatever!! breaking news? he's still getting his crime on!! others were victimized by the treason but "little homie"  was low technical / out of season; he didn't see the security camera.

Whats up with ya? breaking news? big homie said he  saw him!! heard that he was out there like Trump bragging about the al-Baghdadi raid!!  supposedly making it do what it do!

Breaking news!! back at the scene of the crime?  it's rough out here / hard to get over the hump!!  yellow tape / white chalk for those faking until they make it / acting like they knew!

Breaking news!! back on the scene with mine!! a breakbeat scientist doing scientific things like studying wormholes..

Breaking news is dropped on my constituents trying to make a break for it!! others were distracted trying to find out how that pimp Big Worm rolls..

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