Monday, September 16, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted (Part Seven)

Another Monday Morning has pulled up on us, we're realizing that it's on us!!  so next level business is conducted...

This is as good a day as any day!!  for what? for this knowledge that's  dropped!! it's a bonus,  but surprising the thought and fashion police influenced by the next devil who's corrupted.. Trump wanting the Justice Department to rescue Brett Kavanaugh? so what's up y'all? we're just breaking it down to size!!  in  pursuit of the prize,  are we leading like Moses or throwing salt in the game like the devil?

You know he opposes!! I told him and his advocates "I ain't fooling with y'all"; so what's up y'all?   per this Monday morning rush hour traffic jokers act like they're important; caught in the game / system / matrix faking the funk like Main Source mentioned until they make it?  they said they're taking it to another level!

...but acting like another devil!! but on another level O-Zone went to the source when he studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space;  noticed some act like they've been cloned or micro- chipped.

Manipulated like the weather?  whatever was heard from the thought and fashion police!! meanwhile they stand guard  at the gate / at attention as Trump with his conflicts of interest  hit the treasury up!!  then heard saying whatever after they dipped!

Damn!! my folk have slipped!! they're caught up in survival mode and lost interest but still hated;  some slipped into darkness like that song by War.

Damn!! some are still waiting;  meanwhile this next level business is conducted,  dropping this good word and the funk as we heard them talking junk!! while Saudi Arabia refineries burn I heard about war and a rumor of a war.

Damn!! some are still debating like Democrats while O-Zone dropped these mathematics; next level business is conducted as we confront those corrupted..

O-Dizzle? he pulled out the Joe Biden record player, manipulating the vinyl, plus cassettes / CD's and MP3's; damn!! it's rough out here for a player but he knows what's up with it..

What's the dizzle? next level is conducted as we confront those corrupted!! the sonic assault is unleashed!!

It's sizzling hot like this 90 degree Atlanta weather, but as usual?  during the storms in our lives / inclement weather,  in search of Monday Motivation?  the Lord is prayed to / beseeched!!

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