Friday, September 20, 2019

Funky Mix Sept 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / New Music Friday; excuse me as I do things my way...

I hit the ground running then I took it down a thousand with some jazz; now we're setting off the O-Dog Day Party!!

Let The Music Play is the motto, of course as we plot this course of action!! enhancing that Friday Feeling with this Friday Motivation!!

Let Us Pray!!  then good vibes come into play rebuking the plots and schemes of the devil and his advocates / teams gripping the nation...

Actually the universe, but we'll use this sound to rebuke the curse; we're listening to this Funky Mix Sept 2019 from DJ Steve Adams...

Setting this O-Dog Day Party off early, the question is who'll work with me? check the playlist ans the mix, we're jamming!!

1. Stuart Ojelay - Dust It Off 2. Mirko & Meex - Be Mine 3. Used Disco - Need Me (Brian Tappert Re-Work) 4. Crazibiza - Wackass (House Of Prayers Remix) 5. Adele.Be - Funkin 4 Two 6. Block & Crown, Robin Whoo - We Gonna Rock 7. Sean Finn, Block & Crown - Ain't Nobody's Fool 8. Mark Funk & Makito - For Your Love 9. The Fog - Been A Long Time (Matonii Rework) 10. Sister Sledge - Thinkin Of You (Matonii Rework) 11. Din Jay - Question My Love (4Peace Soul Is Jacked Remix) 12. Mark Funk - Give Love 13. Block & Crown, Jackheads - Jump 14. SAMO - What A Feeling 15. Block & Crown ft Denise Rochelle - Always There 16. Zsak - Feel The Love 17. K69 - Higher Sound

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