Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted (Part Ten)

Next level business is conducted, even though the process can be corrupted on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; what did I expect? things can go either way, especially if the arch nemesis is on the premises down here on earth,  in their old stomping grounds.

Similar to gentrification like here in Atlanta? ..damn!! lofts, stores and homes built in the inner city / in the hood;  my old stomping grounds!

Whats up homes / holmes?  that's what dude asked me here in Atlanta  down at the Five Points Marta Station while another tried to preach to me; things are getting crazy!!  I told them next level business is conducted ignoring the next devil that interrupted; I'm rolling with the I-Pod..thumping sounds were my response!

I told them Sherlock Holmes was needed to investigate this Trump Ukraine situation; check the protective  indications,  William Barr and the so called Justice Department  were a bunch of cons.

...what's up with them?  AKA confidence men and women!! something about Make America Great Again / selling the American dream? 

...what's up with them?  my constituents? oh yes!! the dream turned into a nightmare!!  souls? some will mortgage for a dollar, as they plot and scheme!

How did I manage? next level business is conducted  I'm doing damage!!  floating down the stream of consciousness; Thomas Cook wasn't needed, I'm traveling the universe.

How did I manage?  next level business is conducted I'm doing damage!! O-Zone a crook? naw bruh!! I'm  hitting you up with beams of light!! dropping a funky track..plus dropping this verse.

Had our eyes on management, per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; a blessing or a curse resides in the same building, both paying the rent!! damn!! how will  the realtors flip it?

Had our eyes on management per the GM Strike, as they do what they like; ignored those stressing!! we proceed and continue!!  not yielding, we didn't quit it!

Had our eyes on management; taking a hike like Antonio Brown? naw, for the moment we'll stick around and put it down!! we're all up in it, plus we plan on winning it...

Next level business is conducted, that's how these brothas are gonna play it!! doing damage, from the beginning to the end of it...

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