Friday, September 6, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted (Part Four)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday, but excuse a dude as he takes a pause for the cause..

The O-Dog Day Party is launched with a purpose, that's how we'll work this; naysayers will ask why, we tell them because!!

Some will start with me, not liking how we work this; I had to tell them next level business is conducted...

No Sharpie on the chart like Trump concerning Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama, more focused on the fact that it hit the Bahamas; "holla at us" to see what's up with it!!

Remnants of Hurricane Dorian now hitting Cape Hatteras, but I checked the status; jokers want to blame the Obama administration  for the student loan debacle..

Pennants for maintaining during the madness implemented by the apparatus? winning championships by being prudent? oh yes!!  that's what it do!!

Check the turmoil  from Hong Kong to even over in Yemen, what's the status / what's up man? sporadic gunfire is heard chaos and anarchy in the streets.

Its the harvest from fertile soil; wrong seeds were planted, now check the by product; I even checked the conduct from homies rolling in the old school / Flashback Friday type of Chevy Impala sedan!!  jokers were dipping down Campbellton Road in Atlanta or Candler Road in Decatur; recipes from an anarchists cookbook followed?  the news at six will broadcast the victories and defeats!

O-Zone? don't start this!!  next level business is conducted but I see per Flashback Friday the "player player"  was caught in between the sheets per the Isley Brothers;  the black man thought he was laying it down!

O-Zone? don't start this!! hip to the game / wise to the set up! per the Matrix Architect? alt shift delete is the devil's strategy, if you know the deal "holla at me" or you can keep playing around!

Per Flashback Friday? the choice is yours, you can get with this or that per Black Sheep!! meanwhile  O-Dizzle will play the sound..doing what he does!! recipes from a beat breakers cookbook are tweaked!

O-Zone is doing what he does conducting next level business; calculating the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space rolling discrete, knowing some of these snitches Wiki-Leaked!

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