Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted (Part Three)

The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway!! so what's up with it? Next Level Business Is Conducted!!

Getting over the hump? that's how we'll play even though the the groove was disturbed!!  even when the System told jokers not to do it!! the  flow was interrupted

Beats will bump and this good word is dropped encouraging the people not to get caught up in the system / matrix; did the math / studied the statistics / on thin ice? some will skate..

Others said You're In My System like the System, remixed by Kerri Chandler understand a brotha? next level business is conducted as these futuristic mystics noticed government and corporate officials would neither confirm nor deny allegations, especially if it concerns Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book!! some still hate!

Government officials still debate irrelevant issues!! some are petty like Devin Nunes while the other drama plays out like Boris Johnson vs the UK Parliament!! they're  trying to show constituents they can turn their swagger on!

Same thing for modern day preachers;  little homie said its hard to reach us in the hood!!  at the neighborhood package stores? smokers walk back and forth like zombies and drunks get their stagger on!

....along with crack and meth addicts, so whats hood?  we faced those allegations when this next level business is conducted, we're back at this!! whats good?  funk is dropped by O-Dizzle,  similar to Bobby Hutcherson's  Theme from Blowup? 

The brotha rocks!! even though he receives hustle knocks O-Zone seems like he's on a Gulfstream jet. out there in the mainstream of mathematics!! no telling where he will show up! we show up and show out / going all out!! check out this next level business that's conducted..

What's the deal? as the saga / struggle continues but we're  back with it;  noticed  the next devil will act like they're done with me!!! something about the database being corrupted..

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