Thursday, September 12, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted (Part Six)

They asked me whats up? I told them  next level business is conducted,  I wasn't down with those corrupted; if I was?  we wouldn't be having these conversations.

I wouldn't be here /  shouldn't be here!! it would be over by now!! I'd have my money and be gone!! that's whats up with it!!  so where do we go from here? your dude is doing the math, checking the permutations..

So whats the deal? supreme courage and maximum strength is needed, no self persecution the secret garden is seeded!  I wasn't waiting in the dark!

So what's the deal? while cruising down I-20 in Atlanta  listening to Quincy Jones and Secret Garden Throwback Thursday thoughts arise; back in the day? me and the homies chipped in to buy some cold beer on a hot day; little homie was making the run, but what's really going on?  we were  still waiting in Shawnee Park!!

...up in Louisville; so whats real? everybody was giving each other the stink eye / sideways glances.

What's the deal? an hour went by!!  aw man!! I guess little homie was out here taking chances.

Throwback Thursday thoughts arise as the  years go by, so what's it do? so what's the deal? I'm down here in Atlanta, found out little homie dipped to Lexington!

Got the word from one of his family member; dude made a move!!  lying like Boris Johnson did to the Queen of England?  we laughed about it!!  I'm not mad at him!

On those drugs like Justify in the Kentucky Derby? that stuff had him, he was out of order, heard he crossed borders, soon  he was up in Maryland, but they ran him back to Kentucky!

Life is a trip, you heard me!! so ruff so tuff like Roger and Zapp!!  are you like that?  you better be!

What's the deal? courage and heart behind the scars!! now next level business is conducted...we keep it we proceed and continue!

Haters try to discourage; sounding like the son of the 9 /11 victim going at Rep. Omar and the Squad but did he know the real story about 9 /11? we aren't on sync with them, they're corrupted!! so what's up with it? dropping this good word and brand new funk is on the menu!

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