Monday, July 9, 2018

What's The Business PT.3 ( We're Doing The Knowledge)

What's the business? earlier this summer I rode through Louisville / Newburg; I spotted the homies out there chilling like they're at the players convention!! 

What's the business? maybe like the Senate and Congress up in DC, it was a cartel gathering!!  meanwhile check this math we bring based on unconventional wisdom..

What's the business? some we're mad at Republicans and Democrats because of the  rollback of the Obama era Wall Street / banking reform!! during the ongoing storm these veterans are like that Done To the Bone cut we're dropping knowledge.

Playas from the Himalayas from another dimension?  I spotted them out there!! O-Zone was up the mothership, it was getting good mileage.

It's going down from I-80 in Oakland to the Orange Blossom Trail down in Orlando!! my people are out here trying to deal with it..

It's going down!! summer vacation? dipping down I-4 heading towards Jacksonville the First Coast!! next up? The ATL, that's what's up!! jokers say I'm corrupt /  foul with it..

What's the business?  per Outback Chronicle type of business I'm playing this like manual labor!! per Music Monday? in the Vapors Biz Markie  said nothing can save ya!! shady corporations aka pigs  get off  during the storm..

What's the business? breaking beats and the so called king's english, interpreting and misinterpreting pig latin?  this science is not the norm.

I had to get out of those streets, this funky drummer is  chilling out in the lab / dorm / compound working on the sound!! I'm not waiting on Trump's court pick..

Chilling out, watching the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas; rookies were trying to get down but thumped upside the head out on the court, caught up in a pick..

What's the business? that pick and roll will catch a rookie every time!! in Las Vegas bookies take bets on the latest crime..

What's the business? we see how a trick will roll!! this good word plus hook lines and my own beats per the Street Funk are dropped as I give these jokers a piece of my mind..

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