Sunday, July 8, 2018

Jazzedelic - Cubano Express

Sunday Jazz Continues!! so what's up? by now, you should know how we do things!!

We let the music play, plus the good word is dropped as we act like we knew things..

Going through things!! bearing witness, we'll testify unlike Rudy Giuliani saying John Kelly won't.. Robert Mueller, the deal is I'm  trying to school another but naysayers tell me I won't..

Still out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, taking the express route but I wasn't running with the bulls..

Listening to Jazzedelic with their track called Cubano Express!! check out the players and the track!! these other wannabe  players didn't have the knack so I wasn't running with those fools..

Jazzedelic are: 

Roby "Jazzman" Colella - All Programmings, Samplers, Guitar, Drumloops and Synths 

Ricky Mazzamauro - Electric Guitar, Hammond 

Fabrizio "Faella" - Bass Guitar 

D.J. K-Nuf - Turntable and Scratches 

Max Fuzz - Saxophone 

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