Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kupper/Campbell Project ‎- Never (Dub)

Afternoon Jazz is underway, letting the music play is the mission!! check us out!!

Digital crate digging is taking place; the music is in our face we're so deep into it; check us out!!

What it do? hate led to system rigging!! wrecking us out on the highway? that's what some would like to do / see 

Blue collar style work is still put in; jockeying for position like Joe Biden or Eric Holder; what would they like to do / be? 

Some holla at me, the style is foul!! the world turned colder even though these are the last days of July and we just had the Blood Moon / Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius..

Some holla at me, I checked the style; what's up blood? I was asked, told them I multi-tasked typing this good word and listening to the  Kupper/Campbell Project 's track called  Never (Dub); with the masses I'll share this..

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