Saturday, July 7, 2018

Exodus Quartet - Groove Gumbo

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! a dude had an Afternoon Jazz thing going earlier...

The saga / struggle continues, a dude moved on!! trying not to spaz, I've got work to do!!

Hitting my people up with a taste of this Saturday Night Fever!! it'll work for for!! alright?

Feeding my people this soul food, straight out of the kitchen! good eating on a Saturday Night!!

Alright? check out this Exodus Quartet with a Groove Gumbo!! oh yes! it's tasty!!

They're led by Eric Hilton of the Thievery Corporation; thieves told me to abort my operation but that would be a waste G.

Shady dealing by these corporations are confronted after we gathered / hunted for these sounds; check out the players and the track..

Playing the real thing!! it's that soul jazz / jazz funk aka acid jazz; these cats have the knack..

Bass, Loops – Eric Hilton 
Guitar – David Hanbury 
Organ [Leslie] – David Ylvisaker 
Saxophone – Al Williams  
Written-By, Producer – Eric Hilton

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