Saturday, July 21, 2018

Erick Sermon - The Erick Sermon Tape VOl.01

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; I usually have an afternoon jazz thing going..

A week ago? I was on Half Moon Cay now the music will play and this good word is dropped; we're going for what we're knowing...

What's the deal / whatcha knowing? others were distracted by Trump / Putin / Russia,  format followers were in line with the rest of the clones. 

Trying to chill / dormant but another storm rolled in like we were in Missouri on duck boats!! much respect to the Coleman family that suffered, sympathy in these quotes!! now beats will thump and I'm so called truth disputing after I felt the pressure that's delivered by these vehicles /   drones..

What's the deal / what's going on? catch me in the lab adjusting bass treble and tone!! that's  O-Dizzle's business, he's rolling!! that's what he's dealing with it.

What's the deal / what's going on? like the so called cease fire in the latest Gaza Strip War am I  trusting trouble makers? naw!!  not O-Zone!!  he's too busy trying to be real with it. 

What's the deal with it? I'm too busy listening to Erick Sermon and  The Erick Sermon Tape VOl.01; heard so called hip hop blasting out of the Chevy Impala over on Candler Road in Decatur but  I wasn't feeling it!!  these jokers need to miss me with the riff raff.

 Check out the playlist and the mix from Erick Sermon courtesy of Nas Kingston!! perfect for this Saturday afternoon or whenever!! I was chilling with it,  especially after I did the math. 

01. Funkorama 

02. How High Part II 

03. The Joint

04. Symphony 2000 

05. The Sermon 

06. Bomdigi 

07. Tonight Da Night

08. This is That Shit 

09. Whateva Man 

10. To Da Beat Chall 

11. Mrs. International (Prod By Buckwild) 

12. Serious 

13. Intrigued 

14. Headbanger 

15. I Feel It 

16. Never Seen Before (Remix) 

17. Welcome 

18. E-Dub And Ja 

19. U Got Shot 

20. We Getz Buzy

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