Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's The Business? PT.6 (What's The Deal With This?)

What's the business? this dude is writing a letter to himself like the ChiLites;  then I hit you up with these insights. 

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? I went on with my bad self!! recording myself and others like Michael Cohen? naw, but a dude is getting open,  mystic voyages taken!!  I  stayed in flight. 

I stayed in flight like a Space X Falcon 9 rocket, we're trying to rock it!! we'll float on like the Floaters,  like floating on the Atlantic Ocean on a Carnival cruise.

What's the business? after finding out what the deal is votes are caste after prayer; per Rev. Ike? you can't lose with the stuff I use. 

What's the business? baby let's cruise like Smokey Robinson!! what's up with me?  I-20 in Atlanta is the launching pad. 

What's the business? over in the hood with the inside joke about churches and package stores on all corners?  laughing because that's rad.

What's the business? who's above the law? what's the vibe? what's the level? some will wonder where our mind is..

What's the business? what's the vibe? what's the level? what's the angle? it'll make you say woo!! disaster? we're on the brink of it, one soon finds out about that and this..

What's the business? some are looking at the Lunar Eclipse of July 27 to see what it'll be telling...

What's the business?  what's the deal?  that wannabe king or queen dips with more drama than Aaron Spelling!

What are you selling? damn!! I heard the merchandise was bogus!!  meanwhile I put these epiphanies on the clearance rack!!

What's the business? who'll work with this?  haters try to play me like Trump vs the Ex Spy Chiefs; they'll state I didn't have security clearance for that!!

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