Monday, May 1, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (The Response To These And Those)

Once again it's on per hip hop cliches, check out these Outback Chronicles as I keep it one hundred running these plays. 

..Like Utah Jazz knocking the LA Clippers out of the playoffs we didn't quit and didn't stop!!  getting it done more than Trump in his first hundred days?

Listening to jazz or hip hop soaking up Taurus sun rays!!  beats thump in my headphones as I cut grass and trim bushes.

Who's for or against us? they're cloak and dagger with it!! but we're back with it not slack with it as the concept is reloaded!!  those slack with it were tripping out as they wonder where the loud pack or dry kush is. 

Were they flipping out, living a lush life per Nat King Cole remixed by Ceelo Green? 

Meanwhile I'm trying to get these bushes right while outback,  plus seeds are planted so the lawn will be green! 

Observing the scene; pressure was applied like we were in the Bahamas at Ja Rule's Fyre Festival.

Observing the scene;  Russian hackers tried to attack the mainframe but we maintain!!  what God has for me is for me!!   y'all fools should let it rest,  ya hear me? 

That's what I had to tell some after they were observing the scene not knowing half of the story!!  now I enter the territory,  I'm ready to roll!!

I fell through with the drum!! the music? hip hop, jazz, house and soul!!

I fell through with the drum!! it Reminds My Soul like the Akrobatik joint, knowing I'm not the one they'll anoint..

Outback? rain fell from the sky, will the reign fall due to a lie? a devil's advocate will ask me what's my point!!

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