Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It PT.4

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It!! digital crate digging continues,  but I just had to drop this good word.

It's like dude over in Decatur Georgia who said he's back with it ,  said he's catching up on his pimping;  you heard? 

Haters were back with it!! the word on the curb was repeal and replace Obamacare

Legacies destroyed? the enemy was deployed!! now like being caught behind the Subaru Legacy on I-285 in Atlanta traffic my people are caught out there..

Party people deployed per Happy Cinco De  Mayo?  but whatcha know about the Flashback Friday type of business? we take it there, but reminded of missed appointments and disappointments.

Not that kind of party, didn't have time to play bro!! built the stash back up per letting it go;  the process is natural,  oil for the anointing?

Letting it go bro!!  now rocking this joint Poor Righteous Teacher style!! this is how we play!!

Soon, we're back with it we weren't slack with it!!  representing the true essence of Flashback Friday.
But the devil and his advocates were back with it, they weren't slack with it! soon the fortress was under attack, they told me to fall back!! thought and fashion police were on their side!!  IED's in the driveway?  firebombs are thrown?

The devil and his advocates were back with it, they weren't slack with it! going in!! ear shattering gunshots explode!! it's live!! all the way live like Lakeside! damn!! no support for Alton Sterling from Jeff Sessions!!  drama is foreign or domestic, so what are we on?

What's shown? my thoughts were scattering!! spotted how the fake ride, using delay tactics!! but I'm now going into funk mode!! selecting thoughts at random.

 I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It!!  blue collar style!!  rocking a lime green safety vest and a hardhat with a lantern on top!! going in / getting it in!!

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