Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It PT.6

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It!! not under the influence of master decievers; living while intoxicated?

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It!! bear witness to how these over achievers do this! we're putting it down!! we felt obligated.

I'm back with this but I felt the pressure like Trump per Russia firing James Comey like this was the Apprentice! society hasn't stopped hating!! the nightly news gives us the scores.

I'm back with this, pressure is applied in response!!  I acquired opportunities that the appartaus had locked behind windows and doors.
Check the status; I'm checking the scores like ESPN but I'm over in Decatur,  as I spot cars driving by in the booming system per LL Cool J

Throwback Thursday business?  they're sitting on chrome per Masta Ace but all the songs pumped that same old 808 / bass;  that's cool? plus the rappers didn't have much to say!!

Do your thing kid,  per Tupac I'm not "mad atcha"  let the music play!! somebody said  it's going down like this and like that. 

I'm back with it!!  this is I-20 Chronicles type of business, as we shine the light on that. 

..Shining like the Scorpio Full Moon, or maybe it's the  Northern Lights type of business, or maybe it's like fluorescent pimp suits for the players down at South Dekalb Mall. 

The ladies have the fluorescent hair colors to match!!  Remy enhanced?  so what's up y'all? 

Dem Cartel or  Remy Boyz outfits for the young cats? maybe I'm out of it, so what's up y'all?

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It, but haters will track it!!  in the ATL?  capers go down!! on TV?  I heard the slick lawyer say one call that's all! 

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