Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm Back With It I Wasn't Slack With It PT.9

I'm back with it,  I wasn't slack with it!! a dude kept humping like it was the HumpDay Extravaganza!!  the style is blue collar.

Now it's old school Throwback Thursday style!! haters were tracking it like the media waiting on Trump to mess up like intel concerning the Manchester bombing, so they can holla!!

Per this Throwback Thursday? I'm SoundBombing like old school Rawkus Records!! Now holla if you hear me like an old deacon in the amen corner!! the neighborhood baptist church,  around the corner from the package store and the greasy chicken spot on the corner.

Street people hang out at the Chevron on Glenwood, easy to spot because I've been hood!! but they say the hood is out of order!! did  they need to put a sign up at the entrance?

What's good? I'm back with it I wasn't slack with it, once again it's on!!  I crossed the border,  but it's a debatable circumstance.

 Being built or torn down?  per gentrification check the situations.

Guilt tore some down!! per the rush hour traffic on I-20 in Atlanta it seems some were too busy going through routines /  rites and rituals!! they ignored the vibrations.

I'm back with it,  I wasn't slack with it!! I felt the vibrations!! now I'm rebuking the comedy central behavior with this classic aggression!!  am I wrong for this and that?

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate!! where you at? damn!! the fortress was under attack as witches and warlocks caste spells!! plus jokers were trying to be slick like Jeff Sessions!! we need a moratorium on this and that.

Heard belligerence in the auditorium!! points? like Greg Gianforte body slamming the reporter in Montana they're scoring them!! but the flabberghasted will fail!! earlier? per Obamacare repeal and replace they said it's all this and that, plus a bag of chips.

Some prayed to the east and fasted but evil still crept up!! the matrix architect was implanting bar codes and microchips.

We're back with it, we weren't slack with it especially after we were under attack!! we blasted back!! now let the chips fall where they may.

We're back with it, we weren't slack with it!! intergalactic,  just got back from Mars and Saturn!! damn son!! scientists thought they found my hideout, but I rideout in The Buick Regal not a Saturn!! ..Recognize The Pattern!! we decided to play it another way.

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