Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It PT.5

I'm back with it,  I wasn't slack with it!! we're going all out!! full court pressure is applied!!

...Like Louisville with Rick Pitino, Arkansas with Nolan Richardson  and Las Vegas per Jerry Tarkanian!! what's up man?  we're on some back in the day type of business!! please! we don't put it down? somebody lied!!

..Maybe how John Thompson put it down at Georgetown; it's way too real!! dunks and lay ups after steals were made!! like the GOP and their Health Plan bill  it's rough on the hometeam!! per pre-existing conditions somebody cried.

Fast forward as we exercise power like a forward!! It's way too real! check the harsh conditions!!  times are hard on the boulevard!! if too much pressure? authority will be defied.

We're back with it, we weren't slack with it but what's the correct way to deal the cards? gamblers tried to get slick with it.

Slick with it like Michael Flynn, Sally Yates and Obama said they schooled Trump about him but he's sick with it.

Shady dealing in Georgia per Sally Yates?  check an African American's odds!! soon brothers were caught up in  manufactured drama!  entering  prison gates  per trumped up charges? 

Per these debates? I'm dealing like Anansi on American Gods ! credit bad? now the game has overcharges..

Geico Sarges told constituents about Mamby Pamby Land, but they weren't listening!! they were slack with it..

This bro barges through the door after the mothership lands me in forsaken territory!! I'm back with,  it but not slack with it...

Some were rolling like Russians, ready to hack it!!  from America to France!! 

I'm back with it but not slack with it!! being built or torn down? it's a debatable circumstance...


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