Saturday, November 3, 2012

They Were Going Through It PT.9 / Its Like This and Like That

They were going through it like Superstorm Sandy survivors...some were even  asking questions like one of my other websites;  its like Whats Really Going On? I had to tell a joker its like this and like that! 

Reality incites the Sonic Assault on these danger zones; spiritual warfare is going down as we fight that! 

A brotha enlightens the masses..conducting funk seminars and classes..not to be confused with the Dark Knight Rises...coming right with that or at least trying to! 

As we come with the good word and the drum...the status quo is exciting to some...but they're caught up in the system /matrix where the beast is lying to you! 

Chilling /Zoning is the least we can do....but  damn!! the apparatus won't let us! 

Dealing with the drama royalty rolling like Kobe...trying to project their problems on us; but I was hip to their status! 

Its like this and like that and a...some are like the HMS Bounty captain...they'll go down with the ship...they were going through it...we could recognize the pattern! 

Whats up with ya?  a joker will ask..told them were hip to the game; its goes down from the ATL to Johannesburg; plus we peeped game while rolling on a NASA SLS Rocket from Pluto to Mars to Saturn! 

Rolling down Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte / Mecklenburg in the Olds Cutlass with the 350 rocket engine...dude in the old Saturn was holding up traffic!

 I was back at it...time traveling..back on my home turf...up in Louisville / the old Buick old school dude said its like this and like that and a; the Ville was full of wannabe First 48 the outcome can be tragic!

I was back at it...time traveling..the mothership landed back on I drop these mathematics to my peeps who are going through it....

Its like this and like that and we exercise power like Cuomo and New Yorkers...showing supreme courage and maximum we proceed and continue...were going to it... 

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