Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Still Bearing Witness

Were all up in the spot...its rough out here...check the drama...its like the Gaza Strip..Sharon's son said flatten it like Hiroshima; bearing witness like an old school deacon in the amen corner!

Steering the mothership back to earth...its landed nothing has changed!! an old fool said he was a beacon of light but he was still up in Louisville hanging out on the corner! 

Checked the loathing and fearing...like drama in the Congo..how ugly did it get?  whats it all worth? some wonder what the deal is! 

Dude said he was coaching like Coach K!!  steering the team towards a gold medal ....told us to bear witness to mental and physical fitness! 

The attitude was foul though; checked the old school swag or style;  though he claims its updated!

The longitude and latitude was calculated by GPS...satellites were tracking this;  folk watched security cameras in fusion centers  supported by Microsoft..jokers are still playing games..were still hated!

Jokers were rude like Rand Paul..said they're hard not soft..egos were inflated; some were trying to kiss the sky per Kenny Garrett! 

Understand y'all? but Negroes were late with it; please...but some know what the deal is...in love or war whose fair with it? 

Swags / steelos revealed the thin and thick of this like old school players socks worn with gators!

 Doo rags held down the waves enhanced by Murray's or Blue Nile pomade; as we bear witness to the charade..scorn was shown by these haters!

What it do? snags and glitches in the matrix interfere with how we work these...any word from the Architect?  the situation is foul due to the charade...

What it do? snitches fake it...but were bearing witness to their downfall..after the game was played.. 

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