Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It All Falls Into Place..

Whats the business? some say we'll fall off a cliff like a fiscal one; but old girl said we were blessed; things fall into place! 

Previously the deal was shaky..flimsy like Rice and Benghazi arguments per Republicans.... jokers faked me!! had me stressed; endeavors failed...standing alone against the world...we were falling flat on our face! 

Obviously the rat race will take me and others out if we let it..some act funny with the money like China..manipulating it...but like the Space Shuttle Endeavour we float on!

......were on the case!!  history repeated or it was defeated?  chilling in the Smithsonian! 

Its on again!!  so whatcha knowing?  check the Fresh Vision; deleting his story and creating our own!

Its on again!!  but how were some living? old dude up at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville told the young dude to watch his mouth and watch his tone! 

A scientist was on it..connecting Hurricane Sandy and global warming; ..another spans the globe..warning!! he was a clone!! soon hit up by a CIA drone in Pakistan! 

 O-Zone rocks the baldy but understand me....the swag is like a dread..the blackest man! 

In danger zones domain awareness systems track a man;  information is processed in fusion centers.

Aided by Microsoft...check the total chaos; inside ourselves? that's where the confusion centers!

Some might be soft..but hard when holding artillery...whats the deally? that's how Jordan Davis  got fired on down on Southside Drive in the Jax...

O-Dizzle is going off with this Sonic Assault...O-Zone drops this good word...misbehaving with this? naw...it all falls into place like its supposed to..as we put it down like this..going all out..to the max..


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