Friday, November 23, 2012

Rites and Rituals / The Black Friday Edition.

As we proceed and continue...chilling on this Black Friday..I had to admit; were caught going through the rites and rituals!

True indeed!! Scorpion planetary alignments plus solar eclipses knocked us off balance... no Diwali festival of lights...just residuals!

Whatcha know about these and those? dude from the Ville wore dashikis and spoke swahili...but others were fake...they were on a negative assignment...trying to hook up a USB or an extension cord...trying to purge!

..Now caught up in the system / matrix...the funk? they couldn't fake trying some James Brown Escapism;  out of the darkness they're trying to emerge!

 How were they feeling? found out so called powers that be were similar to the Architect on the Matrix; they told you to merge your company like Wall Street takeovers!

...that proved to be hostile; some said they had a hot need for Oprah or Maury makeovers! 

The break is over now...the situation is critical / check the blue collar style work that's put in! 

The brakes were bad on the vehicle...can't call Manny Moe and we can't pump brakes...who has the dollars to fix them? 

...damn!! and they need to be pumped;  rites and rituals have some flabbergasted! 

Jokers pumped shotguns... plus now they have drones as the IED's blasted!

But were rolling like in NYC..after gas rations were lifted...but in these danger zones? we stay on point...

But were rolling...local, international..even intergalactic...but knowing were dealing with a fanatic..that's not checking for us...were not the ones they'll anoint... 

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