Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last Of A Dying Breed / Blue Collar Style

As we proceed and continue...a last of a dying breed..letting you know what it is put in blue collar style! 

True indeed!! dark blue uniform with my name on it..recognizing evil is the opponent...not pimping like David Petraeus.. whatcha going through?  even though he got paid Mike Brown can tell pursuit of a dollar?  it gets foul! 

Someone might get this foolishness like Donald Trump; calling for a revolution? 

Somebody might get this style...check the funk seminar...back to school with this...sounds thump..but not having a meltdown like Karl Rove...check the groove...the Sonic Assault on the institution..

.....somebody might get this style...please!! check the moves..this is not a  deliberate falsehood..breakbeat science is dropped when we get down...its hard work but somebody has to do it! 

Not acting false in the collar is the style....not fake with it....last of a dying breed...that's the dizzle with O-Dizzle;  as I continue to do it! 

Check the style; acting like I knew it....dipping down I-20 in  Atlanta in the Buick LeSabre / Lucerne  or on 101 out  in San Francisco or even the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago! 

Check the must learn per KRS-1..but jokers get foul like Republicans wanting Obama to go back to Chicago! 

But I know how it Amadou folk will take 41 shots!

But I go for what I know / doing what I do; blue collar style like machine shops!

A bruh is observing the scene;  he stops drops and rolls;  the fire is fully involved!

.....per fireman's lingo..ignored a gringo;  too busy putting work in blue collar style..until the problem is solved!

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