Monday, November 19, 2012

The I-65 / I-75 Chronicles

As we proceed and continue....this is word from an intergalactic / mystic I restore order! 

True indeed!! whats on the menu?  I dipped down I-75...getting out of Atlanta / Atlantis...I had to cross the border! 

Rolling down I-24 towards Nashville; soon on I-65 headed towards Louisville...was I out of order listening to  classic rock WSKZ up in Chattanooga? 

Peter Frampton was jamming!! hip to the sound; lessons learned while cramming..act like you knew a bruh! 

All up in the spot...there was no happy camping!! jokers were mad about Benghazi talking the hood missiles / pistols were fired back and forth like Hamas and Israel! 

All up in the spot....the mothership has landed on earth; as we go there...noticed these jokers stalking..trouble anoints one due to the deliberate some are cutting up from the ATL to Louisville! 

That's the deal... as a brotha gets scientific with solar flares; while a hater truth or dares... let the healing process begin! 

Word from Pastor Billy Burke up at Evangel putting in work..just trying to win! 

As we all fight sin...trying not to yield to temptation; but caught up in the system / matrix!

As we fall through...acting like we knew...bringing the light in like a Diwali festival of lights;  around the solar eclipse down...meanwhile on Broadway up in Louisville a brotha dips..never fake with it!

As I shake it off..the negative spirit..that bad deal these players want me to have....from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg! 

From the Appalachians in Tennessee where I see fire Obama signs;  to the Klan marching in Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

Shorty urged me to hook up the quiet storm with some Trey Songz while in the heart of it but O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha! 

Hip to the quiet before the storm ....after jumping and recognizing; dipping down I-75..I'm rolling back in the ATL word from a brotha!

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