Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.3

Chilling out ...marinating like ribs in the Frigidaire..still soaking up game like I'm soaking up these  new moon / solar eclipse / Scorpio sun rays!

Out here in this frigid ATL we go there...were dealing with individuals caught up in the system / matrix;  soaking in the reign like Hamas in the Gaza Strip!!  but I know how the sport goes; check out how this son of God plays! 

This son of God prays so I can get through this madness...the Total Chaos!

 Its not odd...I'm hip to the game..knowing what the deal is; just like the Petraeus / Benghazi mess...jokers want us to take a loss! 

Its not did jokers try to play us? referees and officials fake the coin jokers that didn't shake the dice! crap games up in Louisville project / Las Vegas Sheppard Square and Parkhill back in the day;  it still ain't nothing nice! 

I had to Think Twice like Donald Byrd; then I spotted the First Light per Freddie Hubbard! 

The by product from soaking up game; please!! we get scientific like hadron colliders;  this is how a bruh will get!

 That's how my conduct will get; even though Donald Trump  type peeps seem to be mad at me! 

I had the audacity to conduct myself in an orderly fashion; responding with sounds that thump and this good word;  ignoring thought and fashion police trying to "holla at me"

Please!! I soaked up enough game to peep game; while others were like Europeans and austerity...they let the system toy with them! 

Cloak and dagger type movements take place because some were pimping like Petraeus ...some will come to the end of the road like Boyz To Men!

Cloaking devices?  I deployed them!!  they were used by this Ralph Ellison Invisible Man type of brother! 

Marinating....soaking up game /doing the knowledge; but had to admit I'm on some other other!

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